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Marysia Schultz

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul

and paints his own nature into his pictures." 

                     -Henry Ward Beecher



    I paint a world that is familiar yet dreamlike, one we are so close to touching but can’t quite reach. I play with color, scale, and reflections to draw you into a tranquil space where dice are big enough to prop up ships, and clothes are strung on power lines. For me, clotheslines are a sign of nurturing, which comes in all shapes, colors, and patterns. These clotheslines appear throughout my art with gentle, soft brushstrokes, balanced with unpredictable palette knife marks that may texture the side of a wrecked ship or rough seas. The imagery in my art is intended to spark a familiarity within each viewer, to connect us through a slightly surreal version of our actual surroundings.


   If you would like to purchase an artwork, or would like to commission a project, please access the "Contact" page.


   *All artwork featured on this website is an original of the artist and are subject to copyright. Please obtain written permission to use any images. 

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