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Marysia Schultz

Born 1986, Helena, Montana.

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Employment and Education

2012 Assistant at FB Gallery, New York, NY.

2010 B.F.A. in Painting, emphasis in ceramics, Pratt Institute,            Brooklyn, NY.


2019 DNA Gallery Residency, Provincetown, MA.

2018 Vilarcangel Artist Residency, Valencia, Spain.

2018 Gaia Toscana Mural, Casa della Musica, Montagna, Italy.

2018 Mural Project, Whole Wide World, Zagreb, Croatia.

2018 Studio Resident, Clay Arts Guild, Helena, MT. 

2016 Copyist Fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

2015 DNA Gallery Residency, Provincetown, MA.

2015 Studio Resident, La Mano Pottery, New York, New York. 

2014 DNA Gallery Residency, Provincetown, MA.

2014 Vermont Studio Center, Residency

2013-14 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship Award

2009-10 Schuback Endowed Scholarship

2009 Barrett Scholarship 2008 Charles Pratt Scholarship,                Nominee & Finalist 2004-05,

2007-10 Presidential Scholarship, Pratt Institute

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY.

2018 Vilarcangel, Valencia, Spain.

2017 EVS, New York, NY.

2016 "What are the Odds,"  VolaVida/Bamba NYC, New York, NY.

2012 The Grey Dog, New York, NY.

2012 The Bean, New York, NY.

2012 "Begin with Breathing." The Cupping Room, New York, NY.

2011 "Begin with Stability.” The Cupping Room, New York, NY.

2010 "Shaken." Colador, Brooklyn, NY.


Group Exhibitions

2019 Allegany Arts Council, Cumberland, MD.                         2017 Street POP, Studio 26 Gallery, NY, NY.

2016 Macaya Gallery, Maimi, FL.

2016 The Metropolitan Museum Copyist Exhibition, NY, NY.

2016 96.8 Miles, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY

2016 Rxhibition, California.

2016 What's in a Landscape, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

2016 Set NYC, Holy Apostles Gallery, New York, NY.

2016 VOORUIT, New York, NY.

2015 La Mano Pottery, New York, NY.

2015 VolaVida Collective, New York, NY. 

2015 Impermanence, Four Eleven Gallery, Provincetown, MA.

2015 Residency Exhibition, DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA.

2014 Residency Exhibition, DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA.

2014 Drawing Democracies, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

2013 Lips, Exagere Gallery. New Orleans, LA.

2013 Expose: New Orleans(Mardi Gras), curated by Dave                    Rhodes. New Orleans, LA.

2013 Expose: New Orleans(French Quarter and Jazz Fest),                curated by Dave Rhodes. New Orleans, LA.

2012 Peter Louis Gallery. New York, NY.

2012 IMOK, New York, NY.

2012 Empire Hotel Show, The Art of Fashion. New York, NY.

2011 SoHo20 Gallery, Benefit for Circle of Women. New York, NY.

2010 Hotel Chelsea Exhibition, The Chelsea Room. New York, NY.

2010 East Hall Gallery, curated by Alexi Worth. Brooklyn, NY.

2010 "Shaken, Not Stirred." Thesis Exhibition at Pratt Institute.          Brooklyn, NY.

2010 Fine Arts Gallery, Pratt Institute Woodworking Selections, curated by Rainy Lehrman. Brooklyn, NY.

2008 Charles Pratt Scholarship Exhibition. Brooklyn, NY.


Selected Private Collections and Commissions

"Vintage Renault" in the collection of Ulises Pistolo Eliza, (Spain)

"Tomorrow Was Yesterday" and " Memories of Now" In the 

     collection of K. Chiang (NY)

“Hold Me” In the collection of A. Dameron (NY)

“Silently Reeling" and “Stay There,” in the collection of 

     N. Lawrence/ Freight+Volume Gallery (NY)

"Shoestring Strung" In the collection of D. McSwiggin (NY) 

“Altered Horizon, Sunset,” “Withdrawn,” and “Over Spilt Milk II”   

     In the collection of R. Kulick (NY)

“Hanging by a Shoestring,” “Walk in the Field,” “Rain-streaked        Windows,” “Fruit Study (not fruit)” In the collection of M.   

     and D. Goodwin (CA)

“In the Rice Fields” In the collection of K. and R. Powers                    (Washington D.C.)

“Over Spilt Milk” In the collection of M. Zikopoulos (NY)

Publications and Media

2019 Inlandia Journal, California.

2019 Wotisart Zine, United Kingdom.

2018 A5 Magazine, feature, United Kingdom.

2015 The Boiler Journal, Summer Issue, Cover Art and                      Featured Artist.

2013 The NOLA Defender, “Back to the Drawing Boards.” Emma          Boyce.

2011 IndieWalls featured artist.

2011 Art filmed for Housewives of New York (television)

2011 Art filmed for NY Ink (television)

2011 Art filmed for Basketball Wives (television)

2010 SoHo Journal (Fall Edition), featured artist.

2010 SoHo Journal (special edition), featured artist.

Communtiy Projects

2019 Murals, Otra Vez, New Orleans, LA.                                  2018 "Gaia Toscana" Mural, Casa della Musica, Sansepolcro,      


2018 Mural, Whole Wide World, Zagreb, Croatia.

2018 Visiting Artist Series, Mountain Sage Gallery, Helena, MT.

2018 Artist Lecture, Clay Arts Guild, Helena, MT.

2017 Painted Metal Installation, Harlem, NY.

2017 Mural, Milk Bar, Brooklyn, NY.

2017 Murals, Alta Calidad, Brooklyn, NY.

2017 Painted Steel Sculptures, Ignite, Kansas City, MO.

2016 Glass Mural, Gramercy Tavern, New York, NY.

2015 RxHibition, hospital outreach. Boston, MA.

2014 “The Winter Lines” Sculpture Installation, Vermont                    Studio Center, Johnson, VT.

2012 "The Jerry Lines" Sculpture Installation, The Archie Bray,          Helena, MT.

2005-06 Art Therapy Aide at Helen Keller School for the                    Visually Impaired (Brooklyn, NY).

2004 Initiated Art Therapy program at Fort Harrison VA                      Hospital (Helena, MT).

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